Sunday, July 21, 2013

Decor without many dollars...

Well it's time to get back to blogging! This time around I have decided to not only focus on home design, but all the other areas of interest I have in my life! I enjoy so many different things (anyone who follows me on Pinterest can agree with that!), so why not have a blog on them all. I apologize ahead of time for the "randomness" this blog may have at times. :)

Anyway... my topic today is decorating your home, closet, and face without breaking the bank! Don't get me wrong, I love high end items and products. There are many that I am more than willingly to fork out the money for due to quality and loyalty. However, there are many times when I walk into a store and say wow! I love that lamp ( haha! Anchorman!), pillow, necklace, or ceramic bird, but I so do not love that price tag! That is usually when my husband lovingly consoles me and pushes me out of the store before I try to justify buying another ceramic bird. However, I have found that through some research and craftiness I can find similar items with the same feel or look for a lot less. Here are two of my recent finds and also some great places to check for great "look alikes."

West Elm- Honey Comb Vases: I was obsessed with these vases from the moment I got my West Elm Catalog in the mail! The prices ranged from $29 - $34 depending on size. While the prices are not incredibly horrible, I just could not justify spending that much on a single vase. Therefore I went on a hunt for something similar to satisfy my obsession. Along came Target and their Threshold line! It is different, but still has the honeycomb design and I love anything that is white ceramic. The prices range from $12 - $19, which is much better! (Also 5% off and free shipping if you have a Target card)
*** I am not sure if this is vase is still available at Target, but you may be able to find it in their clearance section.

J. Crew Accessories: I adore J. Crew!!! I have had a love affair with this store for years! Most of the time the quality is fantastic( but I have had a few burns here and there), so like any relationship it's not always perfect. They do have some great sales and promotions, so I do recommend waiting when purchasing full price items. They also offer discounts for students and teachers. However, while I will spend money on their clothing, it is their jewelry that I tend to stay away from. Their jewelry line is adorable, but the prices can be quite steep. Their outlet is a great alternative, but even then spending a $40 on costume jewelry is too much to me. Therefore I love checking out for "J.crew inspired" jewelry. There is tons of independent sellers, with much more reasonable prices. I also love the idea of supporting small businesses. Another option would be to actually go with real vintage jewelry. From what I can tell J. Crew's styles have a lot of vintage influences, so you may find something quite similar at a vintage or consignment store, or even ebay.

Right- Crystal Flytrap Necklace ($98),  Left- Vintage Crystal Necklace on one of my lovely J. Crew loving bridesmaids (found through online vintage store, 1950's, less than $20), Personal photo

Lastly, another option would be checking Pinterest out for ideas on how to make it yourself! This is a site you are going to constantly hear about from me and I will be sure to add my projects I complete along the way. However for now here is a project I am looking forward to doing! It's a remake of the Eagan Multipanel large mirror, which currently goes for $699 right now at Pottery Barn!!! Yikes! It's gorgeous, but I don't think it's worth the price tag. However I found on pinterest a tutorial to make your own version for far far less! The pin takes you to the blog,, which a site full of great DIY projects( Actual link to tutorial -  I will keep you posted on when me and the husband start this project :) 

So, those are just a couple ideas when it comes to decor for less. I am sure I will do more posts on this subject in the future. For now here are my tips....

1.) Do your research! Check for sales, see if the store offers promotions for teachers/students (hint hint most colleges don't put dates on their college id's ;), and check for outlets
2.) Still too expensive, see if you can find something similar at a better price. Check out different stores like Target, IKEA, etc (the make tons of similar looking items for much less),
3.) Look online- Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. Also check out sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local for deals too!
4.) See if you can make it yourself! Even if your not too crafty, it can be a simple project!
 Example - Love white ceramic objects found at West Elm? Find any old item at a consignment shop and spray paint it white or any color of your choice! and of course check out Pinterest for ideas!!!!!
5.) If you can't live without it, then save up for it! Or sell something from a previous season you no longer use. I do this a lot with accessories on ebay and furniture items on craigslist. I use the profit I make towards a new projects or item.

So that is it for now! Feel free to share if there is anything you do to save when it comes to decor for the home or for yourself.

Have a wonderful start to the week!

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