Monday, July 22, 2013

A Monday full of Mini's!

Happy Monday! And hopefully happy birthday to the new royal baby! I don't know if you have been as excited as I have about the royal birth, but I am just dying to know what it is and the name! My husband even woke me up this morning saying "Wake up! Kate is in labor!", which totally confused me a bit (being half asleep and all!) since one of my good friends ( who happens to be named Katie) is expecting as well, but is not quite close to being due yet! I realized who he meant and well needless to say I have had CNN on all day waiting to hear the announcement!

Well, moving on... the mailman came today! ( who my mother affectionately calls hot man! and likes to tell me how jealous she is that we have such a good looking mailman :)  Well "hot man" delivered my first Birchbox!!! What is a Birchbox you may ask?! It is a wonderful idea for people who love to try new beauty products and who love travel and sample sizes (like me!). Basically you pay $10 a month and you receive a box in a mail once a month filled with various samples. Now this is the first one i have received and I was not disappointed at all!

First you get this adorable box with fun designs inside (super cute to reuse for a gift huh?! I love the bright pink tissue paper and zig zags!

Inside you find a card listing all the items you will find, what the product is for, as well as how much full size versions cost. You can then go to and purchase these if you like! So let me share what this month's (July) provided:

1. Benefit's  It's Potent! Eye Cream
Seeing this sample size cracked me up! I had just recently purchased a small sample size of this off ebay to try. I had seen some great reviews about it and wanted to try it myself before going ahead and buying a full size jar. It's basically a under eye cream brightener to help with dark circles and fine lines. I have had issues with this and thought I would give it a whirl! It's great! I put it on right under my makeup and I truly have noticed a difference (the husband even mentioned he did, so whoa! it must be working!). I plan to purchase the full size eventually, but will use up both of my sample sizes, so I can reuse them for travel. The little glass jars they come in are adorable!

2. Acne Control Treatment
It says its an overnight treatment with purifying salicylic acid. I will have to give it a try and report back!

3. Super Comb Prep & Protect (leave- in conditioner).
It says it helps strengthen and repairs "after too many weekend's in Rio" hair! Made me laugh! I am excited to give it a try next week, since I will be head to the lovely beaches of Maine!

4. the Balm cosmetics - InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush. (Color - Swissdot)
It says its a long wearing blush from day to night. I will add it to my makeup routine tomorrow and see how it goes! Very small sample (like smaller than a stamp), but it does claim a very little bit goes a long way!

5. Birchbox Bobby Pins
Ah! These are adorable! They are heavy duty with a cute white and gray geometric patterns on them. You get a set of 2, but can buy a set of 6 on the website for $5.

Lastly, they threw in a card promoting Benefit's 15-hour primer, which I have heard is great! On the back you scratch off to see what additional two free samples you can get if you purchase the primer. It looks like some sort of bronzer and tint. Not sure if I will take up on this offer, since I like the primer I am currently using.

Well, that is it for today! I am off to deal with's customer service! Another damaged item received in 2 weeks of purchases! Hopefully, it's not "hot man's" fault! :)

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I think these boxes are so cool. I'm afraid to use eye cream, to be honest. Last time I tried I got all these weird little white bumps underneath and swore it off indefinitely. But I might try this Benefit one! If it makes a noticeable difference I am all for it!

    1. I would give it a try. My skin is super sensitive and I haven't had any issues. A little goes a long way too with the eye cream. I just ordered a sample from ebay to try it first :)