Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So sorry.... I was on vacation?!

Maybe a Mental vacation?! No I was actually really on vacation with very little internet access. However, I have been home for a week now, so eek! I am so sorry?! Please forgive me!  However on a positive note, since it has been awhile since I posted I have a the August Birch Box to discuss! However, before we get into August let's go back to July's Birch Box!  I shared with you in a previous post all that was included in it. My thoughts?! I LOVED!!!! the blush by the Balm!!! It was such a great color and held up all day long! A little did go a long way just as they had warned. My only complaint was that I wish there was more! I think I will be purchasing this in the near future! The under eye cream by Benefit is still a favorite and really brightened up my dark circles. I had already been using this, so it was just a bonus to have a sample of it. The clips were just adorable and came in handy for pinning my bangs back at the beach. My only dislike was probably the acne cream. I found that it irritated my skin and actually caused me to break out more. The last item was the repair spray for hair and I just have not gotten around to using it as of yet.

This month's Birch box has some fun items and a few which left me saying "meh." The first is an exfoliating body wash by Whish! It smells super yummy and has coconut oil in it. I love coconut oil! Can't wait to use! Next is a heat activated shaping spray by KMS California. It claims to hold hair in place and protect against heat damage. A fun surprise was Stila all day wear liquid lipstick! It's in a bright red color called Beso. I imagine I will try this one out closer to the holidays or for a special occasion. It's a bit bright for every day use for me. The last two items that didn't excite me all that much was a small sample of a mattifying gel. I already use a primer and moisturizer, so I guess I am just not looking for another item to put on.  Then there was one "swipe" of Whish's Hair Inhibiting Deodorant. It's a little wipe you can throw in your bag to use during the day and is suppose to slow hair growth.  I don't know about you, but deodorant just doesn't get me excited! :)  You can check out more about these items here: Birchbox also sign up if you are interested.

Well before I head out I did want to share one freebie I received today. I had been encouraged by a friend to check out Bio true contact solution. My eyes have been horribly dry this summer. I headed over to their website and saw you could sign up for a free sample, so I said "hey! I love samples!" and signed up. I received a 4 fl oz bottle along with a coupon today!!  Worth checking out!  Well have a great Tuesday!!! :)

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